HEPA Vacuums & Vacuum Bags

Reduce dust for an Allergy Clean Environment

Miele Bolero S7580 Deluxe, Fullsize Upright Vacuum
The Miele Bolero S7580 Upright Vacuum has recently been named the leading upright vacuum for overall filtration performance and cleaning ability by Good Housekeeping. It has all of the features that make it the best vacuum you can buy. It has a 1,200 Watt, Miele-made Vortex motor for plenty of cleaning power. Then to make sure all of that power is directed to providing suction, the Bolero also has a separate 4,800 rpm brush roller motor. The Bolero Upright is filtered by the Miele HEPA filter and uses the exclusive Miele AirClean Sealed system. We tested the Bolero with our particle counters and found that it provides true HEPA performance to keep allergens out of the air while vacuuming. It comes with the swivel crevice tool and the MicroSet tool kit. Height adjustments are automatic and it can easily transition from hardwood floors to deep pile carpeting. The swivel head and low profile make it easy to use. Despite all of the power, the Bolero is very quiet in operation. With this combination of features and design there is little wonder why the Bolero is so highly rated.

Price: $799.00
Item: 1406

Miele Salsa S7280 Replacement Bags
(Box of 4)

Price: $18.95
Item: 1401

Miele Salsa S7280 HEPA Filter Replacement

Price: $52.95
Item: 1402

Miele Pisces S5281 Canister Vacuum
The Miele Pisces Canister Vacuum has the same powerful motor, HEPA filter and outstanding Sealed System™ as the Bolero. The result is an easy-to-use vacuum that is perfect for reducing allergens in the home. The Pisces is equipped with a turbo brush that effortlessly cleans carpets of any depth as well as a smooth floor brush. The six-stage rotary dial adjusts from carpets to rugs to curtains. Seven year motor warranty.

Price: $679.00
Item: 1403

Miele Pisces S5281 Replacement Bags
(Box of 4)

Price: $18.95
Item: 1404

Miele Pisces S5281 HEPA Filter Replacement

Price: $52.95
Item: 1405

HEPA Replacement Cartridge for Family Vac
(replace every 5 years)

Price: $85.00
Item: 1111

(replace yearly)

Price: $29.95
Item: 1113

Disposable Paper Bags-Family Vac (Package of 5)

Price: $25.95
Item: 1114

Disposable Paper Bags-GS90 (Package of 5)

Price: $25.95
Item: 1114a

ULPA Replacement Cartridge for GD90
(replace every 5 years)

Price: $247.00
Item: 1115

HEPA Replacement Cartridge for GS90
(replace every 5 years)

Price: $199.95
Item: 1115a

Eureka® Oxygen Vacuum Bags

Price: $6.95
Item: 1203

Microfiber Dusting Cloth - Quit Pushing the Dirt Around!
When you dust with a standard cotton cloth, you push the dirt from the furniture onto your floor. Then you vacuum and stir up the same dirt into the air. It usually lands right back on the furniture you just dusted!! It's time to quit pushing dust! This magnetic dust cloth is made of a new fabric that contains a permanent electrostatic surface charge that actively attracts dust. Dust literally jumps on to this fabric and stays there! It cleans without chemicals or polishes. Won't scratch the surfaces of fine furniture. Can be washed and reused 100 times.

Price: $4.95
Item: 1128

Microfiber Kitchen and Bath Cloth - Spotless Cleaning with no Chemicals!
This Kitchen and Bath Cloth is made of thousands of microfibers. Great for all around clean up of sinks, tables and countertops. Fibers absorb oil and grease and do not leave streaks. Cleans without the use of chemicals and polishes. Durable and long-lasting.

Price: $4.95
Item: 1129

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