Allergy Masks

Fight allergens, dust, odors, and scents indoors and outdoors!

Excellent particle mask that is also effective on odors
N95 rated. A combination mask that is effective on particles and odors and gases. 3-ply construction including a layer of carbon in between the standard filter material. Multiple use. Valve allows for smooth airflow. Pulls out dust, pollen and more. Reduces odors and nuisance gases. (Not approved for painting.)

Price: $10.95
Item: 1160

I Can Breathe® Silk Multipurpose Mask - comfortable outdoor protection
This lightweight, washable mask outlasts 60 disposable masks! Provides relief from dust, mold, pollen & dander. The Silk Mask has adjustable fit ear loops and an invisible featherweight nose bar to hold your mask in place with comfort.

Price: $24.00
Item: 1147

Replacement carbon filters- 2pk

Price: $14.00
Item: 1149

Replacement carbon filters - 5pk

Price: $32.00
Item: 1145

Replacement carbon filters- 10pk

Price: $58.00
Item: 1144

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